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About Us

uniCredit is primarily demand driven aimed at providing deposit and credit delivery services to individuals, micro, small and medium enterprises while in the long run, the Company is aimed at helping small savers and borrowers to improve on the quality of their lives through wealth creation.



To be the most efficient and effective Savings and Loans Company operating within the SME Banking Market.


Our mission is to develop financial products and services and make them easily accessible to our target market through:

A comprehensive understanding of the market;
State-of-the-art technology and systems;
Innovation, flexibility and enthusiasm in meeting the needs of a changing environment; and
Strong presence and easy accessibility.

We strive to achieve these through:

The provision of excellent and efficient customer service for our clients;
Focus on lending to individuals, micro, small and medium sized enterprises;
Investment in the training of our staff; and
Provision of a friendly environment for our clients financial transactions