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Home Enhancement Locked-Box Savings Scheme

Home Enhancement Locked-Box Savings Scheme

A product designed to enable households and individuals to deposit small, variable amounts frequently towards the purchase of an asset for the household.


Account opened in the name of the household
Locked boxes deposited at client’s home
Household makes deposits into the locked-boxes
Contents of boxes collected at agreed regular periods
Household qualifies for loan after contributing for a continuous three (3) months
Household can access loan to the tune of 4 times the amount contributed for an agreed purpose such as: Purchase of household appliances,
Refurbishment of homes,
Purchase of furniture etc.


  • Safe custody of your money
  • Earn competitive interest on savings
  • Easy access to loans
  • Savings used as collateral for the loan
  • Banking Services to the doorstep of household.
  • Interest rate

  • Interest is paid on balances over GH¢100
  • Target Market

  • Individuals
  • Households
  • Groups
  • Societies
  • Churches
  • Account opening requirements

    Initial minimum contribution of GH¢5.00
    One (1) passport size photograph and any recognized identity card to be provided by any member(s) chosen by the household as signatory (signatories) to the account.