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About Us

uniCredit is primarily demand driven aimed at providing deposit and credit delivery services to individuals, micro, small and medium enterprises while in the long run, the Company is aimed at helping small savers and borrowers to improve on the quality of their lives through wealth creation.



uniCredit Ghana Limited is one of the leading Savings & Loans Companies in Ghana, licensed by the BOG under the Non-Bank Financial Institutions Act 2008 (Act 774). The company is headquartered at No. 3 North Ridge Lane, Accra within the capital’s cosmopolitan arena. Since 2007, the footprints of uniCredit on the financial and banking landscape of Ghana have been progressively distinct, with growing number of fully-networked branches spread across the Country.

uniCredit envisions becoming the most efficient and effective Savings and Loans Company operating in the SME Banking market. In furtherance of this, we seek to provide our esteemed customers with convenient, tailored and reliable banking products and services through our state of-the-art IT infrastructure and dedicated team of professionals deployed across all our branches. We offer a range of personal, business and institutional financial solutions that are designed to deliver optimum value to our customers.

uniCredit is also committed to distinguishing itself through excellence, as is evidenced by its listing on the Ghana Club 100 as a member of the prestigious group of the current top 100 companies in Ghana receiving awards from prestigious companies, “Best Business Enterprise (2016)” from the Europe Business Assembly (Socrates Awards) and “Best African Company of the Year (2016) (Savings & Loans)” by the African Leadership Magazine Awards. Again, uniCredit has been awarded the non-bank financial services of the year (2015) at the 2016 Made in Ghana Products and Services Award. These recognitions of the institution’s performance validate its focus on ensuring both productivity and operational vigilance to secure our customers’ interests.

With a growing balance sheet, increasing customer base and an ambitious branch expansion and the introduction of our robust IT infrastructure, uniCredit gives you several reasons to own any of our deposit and credit products. We keep to our brand promise in going the extra mile to delight you, our esteemed customer, through a responsive and proactive approach to handling your business needs. We also provide the following services

• Business Advisory Services
• Business Planning
• Financial Planning
• Stock Management and
• Cash Flow Forecasts
• Remittance Services

Our staff is ably-equipped to address your banking concerns and guide you towards the realization of your personal and business financial goals. At uniCredit, we are ready to grow with you.