uniCredit Ghana Limited was born out of Kantamanto Savings and Loans Company Limited which was licensed by the Bank of Ghana in 1995 to operate as a Non-Bank Financial Institution under the Financial Institutions (Non-Banking) Law, 1993 (PNDCL 328).

With approvals from the Bank of Ghana the ownership and name were changed in April 2005 and March 2007 respectively.

uniCredit is primarily demand driven aimed at providing deposit and credit delivery services to individuals, micro, small and medium enterprises while in the long run, the Company is aimed at helping small savers and borrowers to improve on the quality of their lives through wealth creation.

The deposit facilities provided by the Company include Current Account, Savings Account (Daakye Nti), Fixed Deposit Account (Ebeto Da), Susu Deposit Account, Locked-Box Savings Account, Solidarity Guarantee Group Account, u-Kid Account (Mmofra Yieye), Home Enhancement Locked-Box Savings Account and Own-a-Vehicle Savings Account.

The credit facilities available in the Company includes Personal Loans, Trade Finance Loans (Adamfo Pa), Working Capital Loans (Dwetire), Clearance Loans (Boafo Ye Na), Susu Loans and Solidarity Guarantee Group Loans.

The Company also offers regular training and advisory services to its clients to help them improve on their ability to efficiently utilize available facilities. The services provided to Clients include:

  • Business Advisory Services

  • Business Planning

  • Financial Planning

  • Stock Management and

  • Cash Flow Forecast